Can a buyer pay more than the gig is listed for?


I do not have custom gig privileges yet, and the client is ready to start. The buyer wants a gig for which the price is way beyond what the gig-maker will charge, even with addons/extras. I really don’t want to lose the gig - can I create a $5 gig but put our terms into the description box, and if so, when the gig is ready to deliver, can the buyer pay more than the gig is ordered for (our agreed-upon price)?


I suppose, but it’s a thirty day project, and they buyer would have to order up to 35 gigs that specify a three-day delivery period, lol

I would have a satisfied customer but a very poor track record, eh? >.<


Reply to @lilwolf14: Create a custom gig for that buyer and set delivery to 29 days. They can then order 35 gigs and you deliver in 29 days without being late. Although you can’t create a custom quote yet, any seller can make a custom gig.


Thank you for that suggestion! It’s a good solution of common sense - I think I need more coffee now, lol.


Do you have the Custom Price Quote option as a newbie? I’m not sure about that, but if you do you would find it in the message section. You can message the client with the Custom Price Quote, and he/she can order through that. You can put in your price, what you have agreed to do, and your deadline in number of days. Again, I’m not sure what level you get that at, but it’s great for longer projects!


Oops, I guess font haunt says you don’t have that option yet. Sorry I didn’t see that!


We went with the long version of a transaction, lol. I created a ‘custom’ gig for $5 but put the complete description and terms in the description box. I also noted in the description box that the gig was “for a private buyer; please do not order this gig.” When the buyer was ready, I published the gig and messaged the direct URL. He ordered 7 times in multiples of 5 (bless his heart!) and I’m on my way to fulfillment. As soon as his ordering process was done, I suspended the gig so it doesn’t show on my profile.

(I also didn’t want the gig showing up in search results so I used tags like “lamprey livers” and “fugu”, lol)


Very creative! Thanks for sharing your solution. Glad it worked!