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Can a buyer please upload a screenshot of what you see regarding adding image to gig portfolio?


I’d like to be able to explain to new buyers what they should click on (and how that looks) so that they can add my image in the delivery to my gig portfolio,

I would so much appreciate anyone who could upload a screenshot of this–before you’ve clicked on anything (whether to add to portfolio or not).

Thanks kangaroos!


Hi Maytal. I don’t have a recent screenshot, but this is one I posted sometime last year, I don’t think the portfolio part of the review process has changed, at least I didn’t notice any changes in my orders from this year.

This is what your customers see when you activated your portfolio for the gig. As per default the option is ticked, you don’t actually need to explain anything, unless you want to try to convince them to not untick it. Which is a double-bladed sword, as they may well have unticked it because they don’t want it to be shown.

  • Sellers who deliver video or image files have the option to add the delivered files as work samples to their Live Portfolio . You may remove the work sample while providing feedback by clicking on the check mark (✓), which appears on the work sample.

(As you see, it says you can remove the sample by clicking the check mark = it’s clicked by default: In this case, the Buyer Help Center has the info ;))

Hope the screenshot helps either way.


Thanks so much miila, you’re the best! :slight_smile: