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Can a buyer rate low on “Service not as described” even when it clearly was? Can it be subjective?


Yesterday, a guy contacted me and purchased my gig (flat and minimalistic logo design) and didn’t give me any basic idea, so I guessed he didn’t have one and started working. I gave him an idea I came up with. AFTER 13 HOURS of a 24 hour gig, he said that he did not like the design (okay fair) and gave me a picture of something he had in mind. I asked what exactly he liked in the design, he told me that he liked it being in a circle and in black and white. I sent him the new design. After 5 hours (it’s midnight for me but I have to finish this) he angrily says that does not represent his company (which he barely wrote about at all) and explained that my design wasnt as groovy and illustrated as the one he sent which was “obviously what he wanted”. I said that I specialize in minimalistic design but I could take all of the basic ideas. He apologised and said he should’ve read the description. After 30 minutes I sent him the final one and he didn’t reply but was online. Thought he liked it. NOPE 3/5 2/5 2/5

Is he really allowed to do that?


He is allowed to do whatever he wants, as long as he is not violating TOS.
Rating is a personal experience, and buyers usually rate what they think about the service, whether you think it is right or wrong, that is their personal experience and thoughts about the service.


It’s… misleading, but fine. I’ll check to see if I can contact him and ask him why he rated so low.


I would strongly advise not to because that might get you a warning on your account. Just let it go.
Now it’s against tos to ask about reviews.


Yeah I just checked and that is not allowed, but if he didn’t care enough to write more than one sentence every 5 hours, I shouldn’t care about him.


You cannot please every single buyer. Let it go, move on.


don’t do that , you might even receive a warning


Make use of the option to reply to the review to tell your version of things - but write your reply offline, look at it again, and once more, change it until you feel it will tell people who read it what they need to know in a completely factual and professional way, and only then paste and publish it.

Bad reviews still are bad, of course, but many buyers, not just on Fiverr, purposely filter for bad reviews, as they often have more info than “Great!”, and to see how sellers react to those, and depending on that, they may still buy.


You can talk to the buyer about this. Never take an order until you have all the information you need and you know exactly what is required. If they purchase a gig without discussing, you can only keep disturbing them by messaging and asking for requirements. :sweat_smile: