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Can a buyer review me after 3 days (automatic order completed)

Hello i am a seller on fiverr… I have completed an order recently and i send him the intros but that guy didn’t marked the offer as completed… But after 3 days after i sent him the intros the order automatically got marked as completed, (i know about this already) but the 1 thing i want to know is if the buyer can rate/review me after the order marked as completed automatically?


Yes, The Buyer can rate the order within 30 days after completion of the order.
Contact your buyer via inbox and ask him if he needs any more changes/revisions.


Since the job was marked complete, I really wouldn’t suggest bothering the buyer, but it’s up to the individual seller. It could open the door to things that would have been better left alone, but that’s only my opinion.


You could always write short note/text when delivering the product. something like “Thanks again for your order,Your delivery is enclosed. If you like your product please drop a 5 star review and favourite my gigg for future projects. It really means a lot to my business for people to see a happy customers.” This will definitely go a long to help buyers drop review. Thanks


Asking for a specific (5 star) review is usually considered as an attempt to manipulate the buyer.


But sometimes buyer thinks their order is complete and there are no more revisions and if they are unhappy with the final product they would give a bad review.So it’s better to let the buyer know that their order was automatically marked as complete by fiverr and the seller is still happy to revise the work.
Just my opinion


Well, you could still drop a note for a review without been specific , Its just a reminder,

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Yes, if you are cautious it’s possible. It might help or it might annoy, but it’s one way to find out. :slight_smile:


Yea, you are right. It works for me though.some of my buyers comes days later to drop review:

The Buyer can rate the order within 30 days after completion


My client wants to review for a completed order but she doesn’t know how to go about it. What is the process of leaving a review, from a buyers perspective. She is using a phone


It’s also good that you note this, it is not compulsory for a buyer to drop a review for you. So, if they don’t drop a review and the order has been marked as completed, just move on with your business and make do with the money. I once had a seller who returned few weeks after the order had been marked as completed to request I tell him how to drop a review because the elevator pitch has given him good turnovers. I told him to help me contact the CS because I was busy. There were also other people I sent a reminder about reviewing and I don’t want to discuss their replies here. That taught me that when they don’t drop a review it is not necessarily because they didn’t like the job, in most cases, it is just that they don’t want to. Fiverr even understands that.

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Yeah.Buyer can give you review within 30 days.:slight_smile::slight_smile:
Thank You.

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Well,thanks Guys,I’m having the same situation here, and for me the reviews are really important it keeps my business alive, happy to know that they can still make the review after 30 days.

I completed work of a buyer and he finalised work and marked as completed and did not give any review. After one day he said me:
“Can you take off your watermark in the last poster please, I’ll review you on a laptop as mobile is unable to post a review, Please send me again the final picture so that i can see it properly thanks”.

Now can how can I manage this situation? Plz suggest me thanks you.

Take the watermark off, as he requested.

@jidoex isn’t it forbidden to ask for review? I ain’t sure.

Send PMB message to your client and say openly give me a feedback for ratings. Ok

No never do this :roll_eyes: