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Can a buyer steal your work?

I’m new and haven’t had anyone hire me yet but can a buyer steal your work and not pay you? Like, say you are hired to write a 10,000-word story for them. You submit the completed story to them and they have to either approve it, ask for a redo or just cancel the job. If they cancel the job that means they have the story you sent them and they don’t have to pay for it. Right? I know artwork has watermarks but what about creative writing documents? Are writers just shit out of luck and just run the risk of working for nothing?


Hi Yendi22,
Yes it’s possible I’m afraid.

Really? How the heck is it legal? Is it because they think writers are not really doing hard work? Are buyers able to steal work from other sellers or just writers?

I do not suggest you do the job and give it to them instead of using the delivery button to send it to them as a completed order.

But even if you deliver it to them as the completed order they can still get a refund. It doesn’t happen that often and customer support is good about making sure you get your earnings as long as you did the job as you said you would in your gig description.

You can refuse the cancellation. And continue to refuse it as long as they request it.


Possible doesn’t = legal.

It’s super risky to put that much into a Fiverr gig.

You would need to either:

  • agree to cancel
  • support to agree with the buyer and cancel the order
  • the buyer to do a PayPal chargeback (although you can talk to support of this happens and they sometimes compensate you for that)

hi yendi22
welcome to the fiverr .
i also hared about this and some buyer doing this and after the delivery they send you a revision and also cancel order request there any solution about this or not.

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