Can a buyer still edit his/her review?


After did an update I notice there is no no more option for that.
Is there any other way?


I don’t think so,cause i have searched for such solution but not working again.Negative review can really slow down in flow of orders.


Yes only once, through resolution center. Seller have to send a request to change feedback.


Woah you made a spelling mistake in your username :astonished: Does it haunt you as you can never change it or was it deliberately done?


Yes i delibrately wrote it like that.


There is an option in the resolution to ask the buyer to change it but without sending the change feedback request then there is no other way.


The problem is, that there are to much bad final results. If every body will see this, this site will not existe anymore. So they have to hide the reality, for to make money


If my memory serves me right…


She’s now the best novel writer (2008) at Illinois University at Chicago. The old VUU one has disappeared.

Really, @carolinewritter. Quit your lies.


SMH… Spooky!


I would like to know how a great novel writer has won such a prize while having such dreadful English. It’s a very simple question, Caroline. I’d also like to know how you achieved this in 2008, when you must have been aged 3. That’s a significant achievement in human history that would surely have been noticed across the globe.

Or, you’re just lying, but you changed the lie a little bit, because you’re a master of deception and nobody would notice your cunning. That must be it?


Hello sir,please if you don’t have anything meaningful to add on this topic please shut up.

I delibrately remain silent on the awful comment you made on my previous TOPIC…But i will like to ask you just few question please.

1.Are you the only one bearing EMMAKI in this wide world?

2.Have i ever scammed you of your money?

3.Have we ever attended thesame academic institute?

4.Are you perfect in all you do?

5.Is it difficult for you to be minding your business?

Please do answer the questions above.I have never mention or ask of help from you why then are you trying to make jerk of me…

We are all in this forum to help one another not to look at others personal life,please if i have wronged you before please do accept my apology and make me to feel free on this forum.
Thank you




I am not a Sir, nor your dear. This alone tells me you’re not American, no matter how much you want to be. I think my contribution is very meaningful, actually, so I shall answer your questions to show you why it is meaningful. I see your great skills at novel writing are in serious decline since the tender age of 3. But to answer your questions.

  1. No–Emma is a common name (as a resident of the United States, you would know this), and -aki is a suffix. You can Google to find out more and discover a whole new world if you so wish
  2. No–but on the same note, I don’t pretend to be an award-winning child novelist with a fake stock photo image, which is scammy behavior in itself. I don’t need to have been scammed by you specifically to point this out.
  3. No–mine exist, and I can produce the transcripts and certification if required. You? Given my answer to your second question, and the fact you change institutions on the fly, I somehow doubt it.
  4. Nobody’s perfect. This is not a good argument. If you’re going through the “don’t throw stones in a glass house” argument, I suggest you tend to the ruins of your own glass house first.
  5. It depends. You are on a site where I do business telling lies about your abilities as a writer, which demeans everyone who can actually write and affects the site’s reputation. Not all buyers can tell whether someone is an actual writer, or just a writter.

Your profile, for example:

Hi there,i am a professional article writer,with many years of sound experience i can effectively write a high quality CONTENT for your BLOG and WEBSITE.My writings are 100% original and free from plagiarism. If you need the BEST of writing,ORDER for my gig today. Your satisfaction is my desire.

Also, I am not trying to make jerk of you; I don’t need to. This is what the phrase “to make jerk of” actually corresponds to (do not google this specific phrase–it brings us to a third kind of jerk completely inappropriate for family-friendly Fiverr):

The phrase you were searching for was “to make x look like a jerk”. As a great novel writer aged 13, I guess this is you playing with language in new and exciting ways. Or, you’re just lying, over and over and over again.

Your turn.


also, just so you know:

Fiverr’s Terms of Service clearly states that should you opt to upload a profile pic, it must be your own. If Fiverr staff were to find out that you are using a stock image, without a model release form signed of course, then you would get banned.

Same day ban, satisfaction guaranteed! :slight_smile:

Now how would Fiverr staff find out you say? Hm if only there was a way to report this…


What rubs me the wrong way… This person is deliberately being deceptive about his/her/ghostrider credentials. The spelling errors littered throughout the profile and gigs are atrocious. :expressionless:

How in the hell/heaven can anyone win a BEST novel award with said evidence is mind-boggling.

The profile showed:
Best Novel Writer 2014
Virginia Union University

Then him/her/ghostrider quickly changed it to…

Best Novel Writer
illinois university at chicago 2008

Now, to give him/her/ghostrider the benefit of the doubt, why not list both? Backpedaling to 2008. Very suspicious!

STOP pretending to be An American, when you’re clearly not one. PFT!


did you also spell “deliberately”, delibrately, on purpose?


I did that also but nothing Changed.
She was a very good client of mine, I don’t know what she was thinking. She gave me 4.7 star which she wasn’t happy about also. I was really sad and she knew it. The service I offered was great she was really happy, but am not happy at all.


If she didn’t want to change then you can’t do anything about it. My one client gave me a 5 star review but he accidentally hit “skip” and the review I received was automated “outstanding experience” yet he was not happy and told me he want to write about my service. I went for resolution center and it worked. He edited it again.


OK thank you very much for your concern I appreciate. I just have to live with it and move on.