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Can a buyer that has already given me negative feedback change her feedback later?

Buyer give me a 3 star review. but i told him to give 5 star star review. is it possible?

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It’s not really up to the seller to tell the buyer to leave a 5 star review - that’s against the ToS.

You can use the resolution centre to ask your buyer to review their feedback, but they could always leave you 1 star instead - beware! :slight_smile:

Edited to add - if this is the buyer you previously mentioned who couldn’t find how to leave a review, I really wouldn’t bother about asking them to change the review they’ve left. Could it be you sent them too many messages asking for a review etc. and they got fed up?


Thanks for your advice MR. Offlinehelpers. Its not that buyer i previously mentioned who couldn’t find how to leave a review. Its another guy. Please let me know that how can i use resolution center?

Thanks again.

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FYI- @offlinehelpers is a Female far from a Mr. :nail_care:


Sorry, i think it “lorna”. Sorry for mistake.

No worries, yes Lorna is her name. :relaxed:

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Do you know how can i use resolution center, please?

FYI~ Asking buyers to leave 5-star feedback is against the TOS. Buyers are entitled to leave an honest feedback based on their experience. Sellers should never ever beg buyers to leave :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: it’s unprofessional and bad etiquette.

See this thread. :arrow_down:

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Thanks a lot for your information.