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Can A Buyer Try To Cancel A Gig Because They Don't Want It Anymore?


Hi! So I have a buyer and they bought a gig where I make them a YouTube channel art banner! Everything was going great and they loved it and I worked super hard on it, until I delivered. Now they are saying they don’t want it anymore. Are they allowed to even do that? They are trying to cancel now and I am almost positive they are going to use my work anyway without paying! Any advice? Contaced customer support and they have not responded yet. I am just hoping they won’t cancel the order. All answers and help is appreciated.


Dear @zoedesigns,

As you have already contacted Customer Support, I think you will get the proper solutions. If you are all right with your work, than may be you will be given priority and the order won’t be cancelled. Don’t worry. CS are very friendly and consider the Sellers facilities as well. Please wait untill they get back to you.


You delivered their requested work. They are not entitled to a refund.

Best of luck.


Thank you so much! This is my first problem I have had and I have been using Fiverr for around a year and I am a level 2 seller!


Thank you so much!! That is what I am hoping.


Yeah @zoedesigns,
You will be supported from CS only if you are right. That’s a very common trouble that is experienced by a lot of the sellers. But from my experience, I havee seen the sellers get the priority in these cases. Stay relax and have a great day!


Yes you can or buyer can cancel the order, If provide him few revisions you can file a dispute.


Thank you for your help! I appreciate it!


Ok! Well the order is done but they don’t want it because “They don’t need it now”


Don’t worry dear if he gives you the negative comment then that comment will be removed by Fiverr because You have a reported a complaint against him/her.


That’s lame. Did you watermark the banner?


Oh really. Thank you guys! :slight_smile:


Yes I did. But they said it would not matter for some reason


No they can’t do that unless you agree, which you should not do. Never agree to cancel an order after you delivered it.


and what will happen if the seller won’t cancel the order ? are the buyer will give the seller bad ratings and take away the seller final works ?



Yes. The buyer can decide to leave the rating of their choice. They will get their work and you will get the payment.


but, how if the buyer give the seller bad ratings even if the seller give the best final works just because the buyer don’t want it anymore and want to cancel the order ? its so complex for me to understand and much seller could get ratings problems with this situation.


It depends on how worried about a negative review you are whether or not you do it.


I understand. Always try to deliver your best and hope for the best!


hmm yes its more like 50 : 50 worried about it because if the seller getting too much bad ratings, the seller can’t send offer on the buyer requests . .
but, in the end I do mostly worry about if not getting daily orders. Thank you for sharing @thecreativeguys @misscrystal