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Can a buyer use my video before they've accepted delivery?

Hey, I worked on a Kickstarter video where I wrote a script, provided a VO and entire edit within 15 hours because it was super urgent for the buyer. They absolutely loved it, but since then the buyer hasn’t accepted the delivery and hasn’t responded to messages. I did check their Kickstarter page and they’ve uploaded the video there and the campaign has already made a few thousand Dollars.

My question is-Can they upload the video before they’ve accepted the delivery and I’ve been paid? I usually wouldn’t care about this, but I’m up for promotion to a Level one seller on 15th June and this is literally the last order I need to reach that. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks!


The video should have had a watermark attached to it until they accepted the delivery, I believe.

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Oh. I’ve disabled the watermark feature since I wanted the videos on the portfolio to not have watermarks :confused: I didn’t know this also applies to the final delivery. Thanks!


@mayanksusngi after accept delivery the can use any where!

You can turn on fiverr watermark. otherwise buyer can use your videos once you deliver.

I think you should have attached watermark.

The order should be automatically completed in 3 days even if he doesn’t accept it. However, if I were you, I would save the link to their Kickstarter AND printscreen it, just in case something goes wrong. So that you have proof that they used your video.


A buyer can use the work done if that was previously discussed.

That’s a great tip. I’ve done that. Thanks a lot!

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