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Can a client ask me for an start illustration without an active order?

Hi, so im still not use to this website but, im used to ask for an advancement or the full order before making a commission, i was on buyer request and this client was asking me to do and illustration but it looks like he wants me to make the illustration first and then he may take the order, so is this how it works on buyer request? or the client was trying to scam me?

I would’nt go with buyer. this is like buyer wants payment first.

wait so you do the job before the order is active?

that is separate issue and depends on you .i don’t mean that. first convince buyer to order.

ooh ok, so @part_789 its ok if i show him like a rough sketch of what my client wants, would be like convincing the buyer?

may be ok. but you should decide far how far u show them. let us hear from other members.

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alright @part_789 thanks.

definitely not. this will lead you to more problems. it is good to build trust but “blind trust”, specially over the internet, never do it for your better sake.


always welcome . don’t worry. will get answers.

Don’t start work on an order until your client has actually created an order.

When an order is placed, the funds are held by Fiverr, released to you on completion of the work. That’s to protect both you and the buyer. In this scenario, you’re not protected - you can complete the work, and your buyer could just take your files and disappear.

And that’s best-case scenario. Worst-case scenario is Fiverr Customer Support could see that you’re completing work without an order (which is against the Terms of Service) and suspend your account.

Plus, buyers asking for freebies are like the people who go to the supermarket specifically to try the free samples… they have no intention of buying!


thank you for the advice.

I do that lots of time, just make sure the rough sketch is not too detailed :slight_smile:

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and how CS do not know that the sample job is not a completed work ?

A client can ask, sure, and you’re free to say no (which would be the smart thing to say; if they want to test you, they can purchase a sample illustration from you).


Why would you count on CS.? Always count on yourself, and you will never have to face any issues. Just make yourself and your work safe, which is simple rule over internet. It is better to do one good confirmed job rather than “ten” just in the air.


of course I don’t do that. just thought of rule.

Yes, they can have a complete overview of your entire account. But with the conditions you mentioned, you will feel yourself standing in nowhere. So always have a confirmed deal. But if you do sampling works, keep it up to yourself. This means you are only responsible, not CS. They build the only option which is to convince your buyer and have a deal. Otherwise, you might have another menu item named “Send Sample Work”. Don’t tell this to FIVERR, otherwise, they will add it someday in the near future… :slightly_smiling_face: