Can a customer post in my gig gallery?


I’m not sure that’s the correct way of wording this. I made a new demo and was trying to upload it today in my gig gallery, but when I went to preview my account I noticed that there was a Voice Greeting that I had done for a customer, along with his review which was made available for anyone to listen to. This is fine, but I did not put it there. Can someone explain how this happened?
I’m still pretty new on here and I feel like I’m writing customer support every week :slight_smile:


For each gig, you can enable ‘live portfolio’ in your gig section.

If you don’t want them to show, then disable it. You can’t remove portfolio items once they’re in it, and buyers have the option of saying whether they want their work in your portfolio or not.


Thank you. That’s very helpful to know.


You’re very welcome - good luck! :slight_smile: