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Can a fellow Fiverr member review my Gig? Thanks!

I’d really appreciate if you checked out the Gig on my Profile and offer pointers!

Profile: //

Thanks a million! :ok_hand:

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Everything looks really good to me. You just joined but I can definitely see you getting an order soon it’s just a waiting game.

However, under the $5 basic, is tying suppose to be typing? If so that’s a typo.

Everything else looks good.

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Thank you so much for checking out my Gig prroducer99plus! Yes, that was a typo. I’ve already corrected it. Whew! …:+1:

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You’re welcome. You can promote the gig yourself and get traffic but otherwise fiverr will kind of do it it for you. Just be patient and wait. :ok_hand:

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Definitely. I was thinking of promoting via Google+, LinkedIn etc.

Also, has you said, I just have to be patient. :bowing_man: