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Can a gig edit ? Can a editable gig lost its rank?

Can a gig edit ? Can a editable gig lost its rank ?


You can edit your gig if you want. Sometimes it does lose its rank.

If you type “gig lost rank after edit” in the search bar above there are over 50 topics on the subject which you might find useful to read before proceeding.


thanks for your advice.


Thanks for your suggestion

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Yes Sometime… Its happen with me :confused:

In my recent experience don’t, it actually gets more impressions, but only if i do once in a while; in one of my gigs i made a mistake and have to edit it twice in a week, and in that case my impressions tumble down…

Yes, if you change keywords of this gig then your gig loose ranking page of previous gig

You can edit your gig. But i recommend you when you have some order in que then you can edit your gig. It’s better for your gig.

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@irfanemu You are a new seller since June 2020 with no sales so not quite sure how you can offer credible advice!

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My mentor is a top-rated seller in Fiverr. When I ask him to edit my gig he told me not to edit now whenever I get at least 2 orders in queue. And the same thing I wrote here.