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Can a gig go offline?


Hi, it’s just weird.
I want to find out if a gig can go offline.

I’ll explain what i mean by offline. I search for my gig it does come up on search. is this a bug or fiverr turned it off.


same problem with me! i tried to find out in Fiverr search result but it doesn’t show one of my gig


I’m also facing that problem.


Yes. Contact CS with the copy of your gig views.
One of my gig had disapeared since january. Now I can find my gig (I have had an order the day after I contacted CS!).


i already contacted with cs today with my gig url and waiting for their response


Me too. I am having the same problem.


Finally i got an email from Fiverr customer support and they said “After detailed review with our editors, we can confirm that everything is fine with your profile and your gig.but they didn’t mention why my gig doesn’t show in fiverr search result”


How are your stat views ?
Did you send CS the copy of your stat views?

Here is what I sent them for my gig.

They couldn’t tell me that everything was OK!


no,i just sent my two gig link which doesn’t show in fiverr search result and that said “After detailed review with our editors, we can confirm that everything is fine with your profile and your gig. I completely understand your concern, however, Fiverr cannot guarantee number of sales or gig positions. If there is a drop in sales, it doesn’t mean it’s permanent.”


Yes, they can’t guarantee number of sales.

Have you noticed the same thing as I did on the views stats ?


no i haven’t mentioned views stats


And how are your views stats ?


fiverr team have access option to see everyhting in our acc


Do you think that they have time to watch everything in everyone account whereas you even don’t take time to send them the proof that there is a problem?!
If you are sure that there is a problem. You must prove them that there is a problem.


i don’t know but whatever they answered i just shared that


If you don’t want to help yourself we can’t help you!


yes, right now i found out my gig in Fiverr search result


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