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Can a graphic designer sell a logo they did for me?

So i got the logo i ordered and everything is cool but now i see that the graphic designer is selling a draft of the logo they did for me prior my revision…so in short he’s selling the original artwork he did for me,less some changes i did tell him to do. Can i do something about it?

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Do they sell it in fiverr logo maker or are they using it as a sample of their work in the portfolio (because that’s not selling it)?

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I have the guy added on Instagram, he have the logo in his stories where’s he’s stating that’s hes selling it.

Contact them, tell them to stop or else you’ll be forced to report it to fiverr’s customer support. That might prompt them to take it down. If they’re selling it outside of fiverr, you’ll have to report the ad to the platform they’re selling it on.

(If it’s the same logo, not the similar one).


I wonder if he had it on instagram before he did it for you?

I think it depends on how much it resembles what he did for you as well as if he had a disclaimer in his gig which I doubt if he did.

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Could you please show the logo they did for you?


Good idea to let us see if it’s worth worrying about.


so what he said to you about changes?