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Can a group of 2-3 individuals use one account and sell different gigs?

I have been searching for the answer of this question but haven’t found one.

I and my friends provides music products but in different categories.

One with vocals, one with guitar and one with piano.

Is it legal for us to use the same account but in different gigs?

If we can then should we or should we not do that?

I’m looking forward to your responses :slight_smile:

There are husband-wife teams that share an account. Some sellers always say “we” and some might be group and I think some just say “we” so if a buyer doesn’t like something they can blame it on “we” instead of “me.” Either way, Fiverr doesn’t have rules against sharing that I know of.

On the other hand, if you go with the suggestion from @logoworld08 you do need to contact CS if you will have multiple accounts one 1 IP or 1 computer. Fiverr will usually give permission as long as each account ises a different payment acct. If you don’t ask Fiverr though, they may think you have multiple accts for 1 person and that’s against the rules.


Why don’t you all create different account?

If you want one account then only one person should use it (open only 1 account from 1 computer).

It’s perfectly fine for multiple people sharing one account. I am one of the family providers here. And thinking of adding my niece to the mix. I control the Paypal, and give a Paypal debit card to my wife.

Either way its ok, just not multiple accounts using one Paypal.

Thank you all for your responses!

Yes I am thinking of one account and one Paypal only and we will share after the money is in my Paypal. I want to make sure that it’s ok to doing so.

Thank you again! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Be sure to write up some kind of agreement between the three of you that you will sign. Things can get very messy if you do not.

What is the purpose of doing this under one account? If you all do something separate, why not each have your own Fiverr accounts and gigs.

To absolutely be sure if you can do this, you should be sure to contact Fiverr first.

Also, you should know that it is also a risk, that if the other two friends ever have a problem with a buyer or something goes wrong, that means “your” account is getting shut down.

Reply to @sincere18: Thank you! The reason is my friends do not know much about english and they haven’t got their own Paypal accounts. But what you say about problems with buyers is right. I need to consider it before decide to do so.

Best regards,


Reply to @sincere18: Sorry but how can I contact with Fiverr? They don’t seem to have any support team

Reply to @giangpiepie: well, if your friends do not know much English, then how do you expect them to get the jobs done? Are you going to have to do all the extra work and help translate every single email from a buyer explaining what they want in the job? And then have to write back all the emails to the buyers on behalf of your friends?

If that is the case, basically what you need to do is simply be the main person saying you do everything and then just have a team, so therefore your friends never access the Fiverr account, only you do and you send them the jobs. There are many people on Fiverr who haev teams of people. But if you are goign to have 3 people actually share an account going in and out of it, and replying to buyers all over the place, if they do not know English it’s going to be a problem.

And if they do not have their own paypal accounts, they should consider getting them. Or getting a Payoneer account. Why can’t they get their own accounts?

Reply to @sincere18: Yeah I am gonna be their manager. That’s exactly what i am going to do :slight_smile: And They haven’t got paypal accounts yet. Not like ever, so no problem at all :slight_smile: I just want to make sure that it’s ok for me to do so :slight_smile:

Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks I found it :))

Reply to @giangpiepie: So are you going to keep more of the money for doing all that additional work? This is what you need to work out on paper with your friends so you are all clear on who gets what. MEaning if Fiverr takes $1 fee and the gig makes $4…are you giving all of that to your friends or are you keeping a percentage of all the gigs for being the “manager”. BE sure you discuss it with your friends and sign something with one another.