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Can a new seller apply for the pro seller category?

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Please guide me!

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Sure. But certain categories I think are not taking apps at this time - graphic design and logo making come to mind.

Also, keep in mind that there are some pretty high standards to be met to be approved as a Pro.




Where can I check for those standards?

And how can apply for this? any direct link? that will be Appreciated

Also, you’ll be unable to re-apply if you’ll get rejected, so maybe no need to rush yet.


That’s the critical point, you put in my consideration!

Thanks man! :heart:

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Alright that is amazing and pretty cool :sunglasses:


Yes you can apply for the pro category but you would have to undergo a vetting process by the fiverr team in order to ensure you are eligible to become a pro seller. Even if they reject you you can prepare better and re-apply again.

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Check the link in my reply above. You can’t re-apply.

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Please confirm the re-apply opportunity

Any authentic Source or Link? That will be highly appreciated!

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It is explained here:


According to fiverr you can reapply six months after your rejection, go to the link below and read about it

I went to fiverr help section of the website and found out that you can reapply six months after your rejection, check the link below to read about it


You could notice the reply given in the thread by the link I provided earlier was left by a community moderator. I wouldn’t doubt his statements, although everyone can check it themselves, of course.

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Thank you So Much!

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I still encourage you to gather more information from the forum rather than relying on the quoted fragment. There is quite a lot of evidence that the real situation is different.

Here’s one more thread in addition to the link I already posted where you’ll find another comment from frank_d:


Sure !

I will be collecting more details before I go for this!

Thank you for share!

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