Can a order be canceled with out the seller or buyers knowledge? Curruption in fiverr?


Hey i delivered and order to a client and completed the transaction with the client giving me a five star review. then 6 days later the order was cancel with out me or the clients knowledge and communications block between us. I think there is some corruption going on inside fiver this is an inside job! the client was happy with the work and have not come back online since he left his five star review. i received a message 6 days after saying the order was cancel by mutual agreement but the client and i have not come to any agreement in fact we have not spoken at all. and the clients 5 star review is still there!! explain this for me please!!! the money was taken out of my revenues and i need back my money that i worked so hard for!!


It sounds as if it may have been a PayPal chargeback - that could be why you can’t contact the buyer as Fiverr usually deletes the accounts of users who perform PayPal chargebacks.

I don’t think this is the case at all.

Please speak to Customer Services and see if they can help you. Good luck! :sunny:


You can see if the client still has a fiverr account and if not then it was a Paypal chargeback which they buyer initiated with Paypal.

There is no corruption at fiverr.


the client no longer has an account because when i try to get in touch with
the client or go on the clients profile it is futile. i get the pay pal
thing that you mentioned but how can fiverr prevent this from happening to
sellers?? this is the third time i have lost money this way!! i thought
buyers had to submit the money to fiverr before they can make a purchase.


They can’t or they would. It’s normal and goes on wherever Paypal is used. This is called “the cost of doing business” and the percentage of those who do this is actually quite low when you realize that anyone who uses Paypal or credit cards online can do a chargeback at any time for almost any reason.

This is the price we all pay for being able to accept credit cards and Paypal. This has to be this way or no one would use credit cards on the internet.

So get used to it. This is part of doing business online.

This question gets asked so often I am going to save this explanation so I can just paste it in every time it gets asked.

The worst part is that fiverr adds these chargebacks into our cancellation rate.


wow thank you for explaining this to me i did some research on youtube about pay pal charge backs and it really help me to understand even more. this seem to be be happening to me quite often tho lol this is the third time i am going through this and i finally undsertand. but can fiverr help me to get back this money if i provide them with the screen shots and evidence. they can show this to pay pay to prove that the buyer is a fraud and actully get the service he paid for!!! they should stand up for us!!!


Speak to Customer Services - I’m sure they’ll help if they can.

So sorry this has happened to you! Good luck! :sunny:


i will message customer care about it again. i already did but i will do so again!!