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Can a person hold your gig file pending your review?

I purchased a gig for a flyer… I approved the modification. I thought it was the gig file attached but was actually the mock up. Gave them a review and they still have NOT sent my gig file! They want me to leave a review on another gig bc they make you purchase 2 gigs from the start. but I think it’s unfair. Why do I have to leave you ANOTHER review to get my file??? I LEFT ONE REVIEW! How can I get my gig file? As I have inboxed the seller multiple times.

This isn’t the place for this question, but I’d contact Customer Service and let them know what’s happening.

…and for good measure I’d take back my first review.

Fiverr TOS:
Withholding the delivery of services, files, or information required to complete the Gig’s service with the intent to gain favorable reviews or additional services is prohibited.

Report it to Customer Support… Or you can warn the seller that you’re going to report him/her if he doesn’t send the file as it is always the buyer’s choice to leave a review or not.

Thanks so so so so much!!!

You can remove your review if its not too late already. Remove and ask him to send actual files. Tell him that without actual source files how you can give him reviews. from actual files you will see many things for your satisfaction like page size, quality etc.
i always send mock up and then when clients satisfied with design i sends actual files and ask him to place review.

Reply to @designbybliss: for future reference where is the place for this sort of question (new here)

Reply to @abidagfx: thanks so very much. As I have been here a short while and never experience this. But I took my review back. Hopefully she will read my messages and send my files. If not will contact customer support… Is there a tab to contact them??

Reply to @deannethewriter: you an use this direct link.

Reply to @deannethewriter: I think you should contact CS anyway. Even if you get your files CS should know about what he’s doing, to prevent him from doing the same to other buyers.

Reply to @kjblynx & @deannethewriter: Agreed - FAQ. and/or ranting pot if you just need to vent about the experience.