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Can a person with disabled ID make another ID on fiverr?

Can a person with disabled ID make another ID on fiverr and continue?
Is it or isn’t it against TOS?


It depends on if fiverr disabled the previous ID or if you did.

If someone is banned then they are not supposed to make another ID but if you closed your account then you can make another one.


Yes, Of Course. But with Fiverr Permission for sure. If you open a new account without Fiverr Permission after blockage of your old account then they will also block your new one.

However, If you disable a account by yourself then you can easily open a new one. Only 1 Account is allowed.

Hope that Helps! :slight_smile:

Yes you can disable your current use and make new one but you need new email address also go to your profile setting where you find account cancel option

Only with the permission from Customer Support, otherwise the new account will be banned, too.

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My wife’s 3rd I D has been blocked too.
Bought a new laptop. But still like 20 minutes earlier her ID has been blocked again.
She didn’t even processed an order and the ID has been blocked. I have asked customer support to resolve and also presented with them the case history.
Should i contact Fiverr Customer Support with my own id and ask them how should we resolve this?

Why was your wife’s ID disabled 3 times?

And after it was disabled, did she ask Customer Support for permission to open a new account?

Didn’t you already do that? In your previous sentence, you say

Anyway, it might be best if your wife contacts them and asks them for help and advice.

And stop opening new accounts without their permission, or they will all get disabled.

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Yes. for now we will only use her id to contact CS and see how it proceeds. I will update it here as soon as i have permission from them.