Can a seller Ban/block a certain buyer?


As a fairly new buyer here I am still learning the system. I have only 21 gigs bought but 3 of them have been from the same seller. No harsh words on either side. Fairly straightforward Spokesperson type gigs. I REALLY like the job that they do and I think I have conveyed that several times. Most recent contact was about voiceover work in addition to the scheduled monthly spokesperson video.

It is odd that when I go to messages it says “seller name may not be contacted at this time”. The green light shows that they are online. When I click on the seller name to go to their homepage it redirects me to the shopping page with no reference to the seller whatsoever.

Did I hurt someones feelings? Are they just really busy? Not trying to stalk someone but would like to follow up on last weeks request for a custom gig offer so that I may pay. Any insight or technical help would be appreciated.

The purpose of the question is to see if I need to be patient or just start shopping for another spokesperson.


It sounds like they blocked you from messages to them. Or it may be they no longer have an active account. We can only guess so it’s best to ask customer support.

Did you send them lots of messages?


That is indeed probably the case.

If you feel it was done by accident, and both parties are unaware. Contact support with your issue and they’ll gladly assist you.


Best of luck.


I did send messages regarding a gig? I was asking for four voice overs and sent four messages, one for each gig.
We had a “agreement” in principle that we would desire a new spokesperson gig every month for six months. We are ending the second month and it is time to talk about the new gig.?.? Perhaps I was merely being tolerated up until now?

Thank for the feedback


Thank creativeguys. I may try going through customer service tomorrow. It is very late in the EU right now.


Thank you for your feedback and guidance. All is well, we have contact.