Can a Seller buy a Gigs


I am selling on this portal for a year, sometimes its too hard to manage orders specially in peak season like now a days, just want to ask that I am selling my T-Shirt design gig and due immense workload can I buy same gigs from my fellow T-Shirt designers.


Yes you can, but you’ll be relying on other people, and putting your reputation in their hands, which is quite a risk.

Can you extend your delivery times perhaps?


yes I have already did that, some buyers never contact you before buying Gig multiple and I have 3 such orders yesterday, means instead of three shirts now I have to deliver 15 :frowning:


Some sellers on here would love to be in that situation! :slight_smile:


A good customer services will always do the job :slight_smile:


Yes, you can. If you want to get services from another seller then as being seller yourself, you can also buy a gig from another seller.