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Can a seller cancel an order without the buyer?

Hey! I was overbooked on a gig before I had accepted this order and I was not aware. I had no idea about this and had accepted an order. Now since my schedule is not free because of this issue caused by a bug on the website, I had requested him to cancel the order in the dispute section. He keeps on begging me to not cancel it and he is messaging me saying he will decline the offer to cancel the order. Is there any way I can cancel the order? Am I REQUIRED to do this gig?


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You could ask to extend the time limit, so that it can be done after, whatever your current project is, is done.


I am simply not able to do his order due to overbooking for a while. Or at least not before May 11th which is when he needs it.

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You best delete that essay writing gig of yours altogether. Read ToS.


What part of tos exactly? This is a personal emergency

You can’t write essays for people! That violates the honor code of every school in existence!

That’s not the problem. The problem is that it’s against TOS and an instant ban.

Precisely. I meant to imply that.

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Hello vrund1101
Yes, You can cancel this order. You Can Contact Fiverr support team with your problems after they cancel this order automatically. BUT it’s bad for your gig. For cancelation down your gig. if you solve this issue it good for your gig, You can extend time
Thank you

If a student has a personal emergency, they need to take it up with their professors and school directly. If it’s a genuine emergency, the school will work with them. If it’s not, then I’ll borrow a quote:

“A lack of planning on your part does not necessitate an emergency on mine.”
-Bob Carter

Also, here: Prohibited Services - Fiverr's Community Standards


He is refusing to cancel it unless I find him someone else to do it and is constantly saying “it’s not my fault we already have a contract and I’m not canceling it”

Here’s an appropriate image for this scenario:

I can’t really help you there. Contact CS would be my advice, but if you do you’re getting banned for breaking ToS. You’ve put yourself in quite the tough spot…

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But how have I broken TOS I have done nothing wrong.

Writing essays is a violation of third party ToS for schools, and as a result is a violation of Fiverr ToS.

I was unaware of this and was not informed about the school portion of this

Being unaware of the rules is not a valid defense for breaking said rules.

When someone signs up on Fiverr, they must agree in understanding and abiding by the terms and conditions of the platform before operating. The rules are public and available for all to see.


You have to inform yourself. You confirmed you’d read the terms of service, we all have to. It states that academic work is a violation of these terms. Even without reading the ToS it seems pretty obvious that writing someone else’s academic work or test paper is out of order. It facilitates cheating.

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You agreed you were aware of the terms of service when you joined the platform. Not reading them leaves only you to blame.