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Can a seller cancel an order?

Can i (seller) cancel an order? SOS



Yes, if the order is already placed you can cancel by going to the resolution center, if the buyer keeps rejecting to accept the cancellation, you can open a ticket to support and they will cancel it for you.


And how this will affect my profile?

orders completed rate will go down


can he leave me a comment?

if the order is cancelled before the buyer leaves a review then the buyer won’t be able to leave any review although at times, buyers leave a review the attempt to cancel.

yes but if i cancel i guess he doesnt have any access to my profile to leave a comment because there will be no order to review, right?

yes,then he would not be able to leave a feedback

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yes as long as the order is cancelled, the buyer won’t be allowed to review

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Thank you so much for your valuable help. I go to resolution center to cancel, right?

Yes, but keep in mind that it will affect your order completion rate and then i have noticed that also affect on sale.


yes , i had a cancelation before but it went back up again! :slight_smile:

Okay, :slightly_smiling_face:

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Which one do i pick?

1.Ask the buyer to cancel the order
2. Reason for cancelling the order.

What if he doesnt accept that? Can i choose due to personal reasons i cannot complete the work?

Well, you can , now if buyer does not accept it than you can contact customer support but you should be having valid reason for that.

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Can you share reason here for cancelling the order? i mean if that is okay with you.

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Someone close to me died :frowning:

Well in that case you should choose OTHER reason category and you can write there to buyer that someone close died so you can not complete work, so i guess he will understand your situation.

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