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Can A seller cancel buyer Orders automatically?

Hi, I’ve been on fiver for almost 6months now.
Being a seller is great, but there are ups and downs when you get weird requests which are off topic to your gig description and prices.

Today I received a order which is way beyond the gig package description.
I talked to the buyer but there is no response, I opened a dispute but was surprised to see it declined.

I opened another dispute hoping the buyer would read what I said in the dispute description.
But there was no reply.

The gig specifically stated what you would get for $5 ( starting basic price )
But the buyer went over board and asked for something beyond that package description.
Please keep in mind, the buyer has never contacted me before ordering and has never replied to my messages after I opened my first dispute to him.

Can someone please give me some short of advice in cancelling this order and is there any way to prevent it in the future?

*Gig prices and description has changed by now.


You can only cancel it automatically if you can get Fiverr support to do it (eg. if they know that they ordered something the gig doesn’t offer). The problem is the response time can be 10 days from support now.


As @uk1000 has said, the issue is that CS are taking up to 10 days to reply at present. So you need a ‘workaround’.

If it were me, I would put the order into Dispute via the Resolution Centre, and request that the order be modified to cover the cost of the work.

The buyer might accept, in which case, happy days! You can proceed with the order.

If the buyer does nothing, the order will automatically cancel after 2 days in Dispute.

If the buyer rejects your offer, then put the order immediately back into Dispute, this time for a cancellation. If they decline your cancellation, just put it back into Dispute, Cancellation. Repeat this as often as you need to, until your buyer takes the hint. Your buyer will get the hint eventually and lose interest.

Remember - nobody can force you to do something you don’t want to do.


Thanks for your reply, but do you have any advice on preventing such orders from happening. such as making the buyer contact you before purchasing?

it states in the gig description that any questions should be asked before purchasing
But people don’t take that into consideration and just order.

Sounds like it’s worth a shot, thanks.

Other than putting that text highlighted in some way and maybe at the top of the description, you can’t stop them ordering without contacting you first. You could increase your prices so that they’re less likely to - you could also offer a discount if they contact you first.


This sounds good, thanks.

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You can’t make them, but you could try things that would prompt people to see it is a better investment for them for you to screen them for suitability first.

I got much fewer out-of-scope requests for a gig when I stated in my gig video why it’s important that I make sure we are a good fit for each other. Then I had a call to action to message me first for that package.

I also stated the benefits of contacting me first in my gig description.

No one wants to waste money. They want value. If you focus on showing them how to get that value it may help.

Raising my rates helped curb out-of-scope orders, too. People are more cautious about make an investment if it’s worth more.


Buyer got exhausted of the constant Disputes, He later accepted the 6th Dispute, Thanks for your help everyone.

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