Can a seller change their rating of me if I don't give them 5 stars?


My rating has been 98% because of one seller saying he would not recommend me after I refused to re-do his order in a completely different manner due to him changing his mind after the fact. (Interestingly he has, in fact, ordered from me repeatedly since then.) Anyway, I noticed it was finally up to 99% but then it went back down again. I believe a certain seller changed his 5-star rating of me after I commented on my rating of him that he had failed to provide the info I requested and then dropped out of communication entirely. To meet the deadline, I went ahead and wrote the article as best I could with no info to go on. It seemed he was fine with it until he read my comment. Well, naturally I can see that it would be in my best interest to give every seller 5 stars and say “Outstanding experience!” because what do they have to lose if I rate them less than that? Nothing. But if they retaliate, they can cost me. Yet my question is, if this is the case, why are we asked to rate them at all?


According to this recent thread, feedback can be changed by a user for 30 days or three days. After that, it has to be changed by Customer Support.


Totally agree that buyer ratings are almost pointless. I say “almost” because they are effective if you want to rebutt a less than 5 star rating. On the rare occasion I get a downgrade, I craft a powerful rebuttal which my next buyer can see. I also work in strategic praise to my buyer ratings for things like repeat buying and having complete/organized gig requirements.

I don’t think buyers can change their submission once on your profile. Fiverr support has to reset the feedback.