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Can a seller come back if their account gets ban or deleted


my favorite seller’s account got removed which disappointed me because I was going to buy a gig so I am wondering does Fiverr ban their IP address? Is the seller able to return?


They may have shut their own account?


The seller enjoyed doing gigs so I don’t think so?


In that case, you may never know! :slight_smile:

I honestly have no idea about whether previously banned users can return or not - sorry!


NO they Cant…:crossed_flags:


Yes they can and do come back constantly. There is a well known seller on this forum who has had 3 accounts over the years. I don’t know the details but they can get banned and return over and over somehow.


But do they have to start from scratch? Or can they regain access to their banned account?


No they have to start from scratch.


I dont know what sucks more, starting from scratch or not being able to work on Fiverr. Hopefully, I will never have to know.