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Can a seller complaint about a buyer?

One of my buyer wasn’t happy with the deliverered ordered, she gave me new project but didn’t ask for modification and promised to give me the tip , after getting desired work she was satisfied but added the half amount by saying its enough for you!!
If I complain about this buyer , would that be effective?
Need suggestions

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I’m confused. Are you complaining because a buyer promised you a tip of a certain size, and then actually tipped half of that amount? Tips are voluntary. You neither deserve them as a seller, nor is it appropriate for you to complain when a buyer doesn’t voluntarily leave a tip in the amount that you want.



I’ve asked her to order for the new project , she said she’ll add the the tip as per the amount we’ve discussed

Tips are tips. You should not be using the tip feature to solicit or complete additional work. She appears to have left that amount as a tip – that was very generous of her. Her order is now complete (since you can’t leave a tip until the order is completed).

Talk with her, and either encourage her to place a new order for the new work, or offer her a custom offer – perhaps even at a discounted price.

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I’m gonna take a shot in the dark, and guess that you are not using the “tip” feature as intended.

Out of curiosity, did this buyer place an order from you for a smaller amount than you wanted, but agreed to tip you more money to make up for it?
It sounds like you took an order… knew a tip would be coming (flag) and were unhappy with the amount. Only idea I can come up with is that you agreed ahead of time on a tip amount (flag)

You could actually get a warning from Fiverr or even be banned for attempting to manipulate the system. I would suggest you don’t talk with buyers about tips. Bad idea.


Always take a new order for new project
If you provide additional services to a job
You can offer custom offer or ask buyer to buy the extras
As per Fiverr policies orders are to be placed before the job is done

This way you remain assured that you’ll get paid fully
If the buyer likes your work and want to pay you more
They can tip you

Your post is in response to my comments, so I’m a little confused. I wasn’t suggesting that the OP discuss the tip amount with the buyer. I was merely stating that the seller/OP might want to consider smoothing over any confusion with the buyer by offering to do the requested work – in a custom order – for a discount.

If the buyer thought she was purchasing work by providing that tip amount, the seller/OP could just be generous and present the buyer with a discounted offer for the work. By doing so, the seller can balance out the confusion, and both parties are happy and get what they wanted (within the rules).

Sorry, it wasn’t really meant in reply to you. I actually intended to reinforce to the OP the fact that by discussing the tip with the buyer at all, they could get warned or banned. I agreed with your statements. :slight_smile: Sorry for the confusion.

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No worries. :slight_smile:

I asked her to order for the new project but she disagreed and not even willing to accept the privious order . She then satisfied with the new project and actually started misbehaving me ,I didn’t ask her for the tip my question is cant we complain against such buyers if we’re already selling our service in low cost

How, exactly, does someone “misbehave you”? She forced you to misbehave?

You can complain all you want, but most of us are unlikely to listen. You cannot demand that a buyer leave you a tip, and then “complain” when she doesn’t leave a tip as large as you want. She chose to leave you a tip. Be happy that she did. If she needs more work, present her with an offer for that work via a new order. Otherwise, be professional, be gracious and move on.

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As others have said, you can complain about a buyer but if you do in this case it might lead to a ban on your account.

You are not supposed to ask for a tip in exchange for work.

You could have sent the buyer a custom offer for the additional work. Don’t agree to take payment in a tip.

Alright, Thank you so much all for your kind suggestions , May God bless you all