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Can a seller dictate that I pay more for a Gig advertised for the $5

Hi, I was about to order a gig after contacting the seller, it was exactly what he had advertised, He agreed he would do it then the next message he sent after our agreement and I was about to order said that (in essence) for him to do the work I must order his gig 5 times. Is that allowed? Can he dictate that I pay 5x what was advertised for the service advertised or do sellers have that option to dictate that buyers buy a certain number of gigs to do the job advertised?

It should all be in the gig description.

Only if your brief was for extra work or something different than what they provide according to gig description should the seller be asking for more money.

If you have placed an order then you should cancel it. If not you should ask the seller why they are requesting more money if their gig description says they will do it for $5.

Man, you have free will. He can’t force you to push the buyers button 5 times. If you do, than that is YOU doing it. No one is forcing you. GEEZ! Move on. Find another seller.