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Can a seller ensure only buyers in the U.S.A. can buy a gig?

Is it possible to only allow buyers from the United States to purchase a gig? I want to sell a physical product and deliver it via postal mail to U.S. Residents only.
I am aware I can clearly make this point in the gig description and the gig requirements, however, is it possible to remove my gig from search results or gig category pages for buyers in non-U.S. countries? Basically, I only want U.S. buyers to discover the gig. Is that possible?


You may be better off using eBay for only US customers.


As far as I know there isn’t a way to remove your gig for other countries. You can contact CS on that to clarify and get more info. But I’m pretty sure it isn’t possible.

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Is it possible to ship outside the US at a higher fee? If so, just add that as a gig extra. If not then as others have said I don’t believe it is possible.

Good idea. Yeah, I think I’ll add a gig option for buyers outside the U.S.
Thank you for the suggestion!

Nope. This is not possible on Fiverr. Unless maybe you clearly state in your gig that you can only mail to US residents, or increase the shipping for international customers.