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Can a seller get ip banned?

I met a seller/singer. I send him a file but he never responded after that. I think he probably downloaded and ignored me. What had happen was I was looking for singer’s on a instrumental I made right away I got a offer. He had a nice voice and I told him I didn’t want nobody to have a hold of it because it is my personal instrumental I made and he said no worries I won’t share anything you send. So after I send him the instrumental no tags he stopped talking to me. It’s been 5 days so I try reaching out to him a day ago to see what’s up and still no reply. Did previously told him I did need it before new years and he said ok.

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If you are still able to send them messages, their seller account is not banned and they have not blocked you from messaging them.

Maybe they are busy with other things in life, the holidays or whatnot? If you haven’t placed an order, all you can do is wait for them to respond back or find another seller.


I did told him I need it before new years and he said ok

Did you actually place an order and pay for his services?


He wanted to discuss before paying and listen to the instrumental first see if he can do it or not.

Well, all you can do then is wait for them to message you back or go with a new seller. I doubt you are going to get your thing when you thought you would.

Maybe they listened to the instrumental, realized they wouldn’t be able to do it and are now just ignoring you? Could be a million reasons why, but, I think you already have your answer, given, it is December 31st now.


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I think this person was acting as a buyer in this regard - the person they sent the files to, are now ignoring them after downloading and listening to them.

I think the seller they interacted with has decided they don’t want to do it or perhaps cannot.


Whoops got it. Thanks. Sorry, @jackskeiiington.

I agree with GG. It looks like the seller just wasn’t interested. It was wrong of him to say he would do it before ascertaining you were a fit for him.

That said I wouldn’t send a sample file that way because someone could steal it and use it for something. Add some extra sounds or distortions to it and/or send a video of you taping your computer playing it. That way the quality is unusable and not valuable to anyone to steal, but the essence of the work is still apparent to the person you’re sending it to. Any legitimate seller will respect your efforts to protect yourself.

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Yeah would of at least appreciate it if he let me know or not instead ignoring. It wouldn’t hurt to let a buyer know instesd ignoring them.

He had asked for a full version. He said 30 seconds wouldn’t help much.

Then he’s a scammer…