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Can a seller go even below a "NEW SELLER " level?

What kind of demotion does a level 0 seller get ? does one just simply hangs at 0 if he or she couldnt get to level 1 or 2 ?


New Seller is currently the lowest seller rank. You cannot be demoted any lower.


Yep, she or he will hang there until she or he reaches level or 1 or 2, or even top seller! :slight_smile:


I wish he/she never be there, below NEW SELLER.
NEW SELLER Suffers alot and
what would be the situation if downgraded below it.

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There is nothing lower than New Seller level.

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Does being banned count?

Technically, I suppose it does. Being banned is certainly lower than “New Seller”, however, you can’t be demoted to “banned”. A user usually gets banned only if they break the rules. :wink:


below the new is banned or removed account.

lol, being banned means you are no longer a fiverr anyway.

hahaha… lol, demoted to banned. thats hilarious!