Can a seller go even below a "NEW SELLER " level?


What kind of demotion does a level 0 seller get ? does one just simply hangs at 0 if he or she couldnt get to level 1 or 2 ?


New Seller is currently the lowest seller rank. You cannot be demoted any lower.


Yep, she or he will hang there until she or he reaches level or 1 or 2, or even top seller! :slight_smile:


I wish he/she never be there, below NEW SELLER.
NEW SELLER Suffers alot and
what would be the situation if downgraded below it.


There is nothing lower than New Seller level.


Does being banned count?


Technically, I suppose it does. Being banned is certainly lower than “New Seller”, however, you can’t be demoted to “banned”. A user usually gets banned only if they break the rules. :wink:


below the new is banned or removed account.


lol, being banned means you are no longer a fiverr anyway.


hahaha… lol, demoted to banned. thats hilarious!