Can a seller go on to create another account, if the first one is disabled by customer support?



My first account was disabled recently by customer support, I was already a level 2 seller, can I create another account and work from it?


That would depend on the reason why they disabled your account, you will have to ask customer support if you may; if you just go on to create another, chances are it will be disabled as well.


Only if Customer Support allows it. You have to ask them for permission.


Its interesting that disabled accounts can still chat on the forum though… I didn’t know that


i saw you already created another account:expressionless:


There’s a reason why they disabled your account and it’s likely because they didn’t like your selling practices.

They track users’ IPs, emails, and PayPal addresses. I would suggest asking for permission or you risk getting disabled all over again if they notice you (+ read the TOS).


They’re often allowed to do that for a short while, so they can ask for advice.