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Can a seller hide gigs as buyer?


I am a seller on Fiverr and I am also interested to buy some gigs but as a buyer I don’t want to reveal my gigs. So can I hide my gigs when dealing with other sellers as a buyer?


If you pause all of your gigs I believe that the gigs will be “hidden” from your public profile (I’m not 100% sure about that though).


Even if you find a way to hide your gigs I think they can see your reviews as a seller.


I don’t think fiverr add that features to their platform.


@odal456 i also think so


My question is why you’d want to hide them?


Good question which leads to the question that why would we show them as buyer? Gigs are there to be shown as seller but completely irrelevant purpose of showing them as a buyer.


Unless one of the sellers you buy from is interested in the services you offer and they become your client. Often the seller won’t even look at your profile or see that you are a seller yourself. Personally, I don’t mind or think it’s a big deal the couple times I’ve purchased.


yes you are right however I think this is to restrict for fake buying and post great comments at your own gigs i.e. buying your own gig and then…


Agreed, yet it depends upon my intentions too as a buyer that whether I am interested in selling my services to another seller when I approaching the seller as a buyer. In my opinion, it would be reasonable to have an option to hide/ unhide gigs when approaching a seller as a buyer. Currently the approach is quite compelling in this context. Quite interesting is that we have the option to pause our gigs as sellers but cannot hide gigs as buyers, whereby gigs are there for the purpose of selling.


Didn’t understand your point. How can a seller buy his own gigs by just switching to buying mode while logedin with the same account? My discussion is about having the providion of hiding/ showing own gigs when approaching other sellers as buyers.


It requires a try then that can a seller buy his own gig? But I still think that Its restricted because of that very reason which I shared earlier.