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Can a seller hire another seller for work

This is not a topic. This is a question. I am new on fiverr. You know very well that how difficult is to get a buyer from this war of work. So I thought that I should talk to 2nd level sellers or top sellers that if they have work load then they can share there work with me and other new sellers. This thing will be beneficial for both. New seller can prove himself and senior seller will get the good reviews from customer. Is this possible? I mean I want to know if this idea is illegal according to fiverr’s rules and regulations. Everything will be done under the customer will buy the senior seller’s gig and if senior seller feel that he cannot do this task on time then he can buy a new sellers gig and give him the same task. What you think bout that ??

Well, it’s not illegal, but it’s also not a great idea. If I have a workload that’s too much for me, I’m going to give it to someone I have already vetted and trust. Now, that might be you or a new seller, but I can tell you that if you sent me these kind of suggestions in my inbox, I’d likely tell you no and report you as spam for essentially soliciting for work–the inbox function is for sellers and buyers to meet, and generally speaking, on Fiverr, buyers come to you and not vice versa.

For example, I write English. I wouldn’t hire you, because I would essentially have to rewrite everything (perhaps even from scratch), and that goes for the vast majority of people. It might work with logo design, or something like this for $5 (graphic designers feel free to shoot me down! I’m using your category as an oversubscribed one), but let’s say you can’t deliver for some reason? It’s a domino of bad revisions and you likely might not get paid.

Focus on building your gig, not riding off other people’s reputations. It won’t work.

Well before I have faced spam message problem that’s why I come here to get the suggestions. I completely agree with your point of view. But as you fiverr community is rapidly growing. Whether people are skillful or not they are joining fiverr as a seller. These number increasing everyday. How can we come up from all of this competition? I joined fiverr 4 months ago and I got just to 2 orders from buyer. This situation you know is heart breaking for a person who decided to choose freelancing as a career. If you face this type of problem then please suggest me what I should do.