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Can a seller or buyer delete messages in their inbox? [ARCHIVED]


… So, I went in my inbox and didn’t see a “delete” option.

Can we delete messages in our inbox? If so, how? And, if not, why not?
Can a seller decide to just reveal a buyer’s messages if they want…? I just want confidentiality when it comes to that.


Reply to @kjblynx:

I meant like post captions of a buyer’s message anywhere on the internet; I just want to know if they can violate the privacy of a “seller-buyer relation” if that makes any kind of sense?


One more reason to keep messages cordial and business like.


VOW, by do I have words in response to you for that bunch of BULL-Wisdom :slight_smile:


And seriously my words would be: Don’t believe anything that you read on the Internet (as what would prevent me from copying, pasting, and …editing/reworking a message …or simply claiming it was someone else LOL) and of course, believe less than half of what you see as well.