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Can a seller pause an already ordered gig?

So I am on vacation, something I ate was killing my stomach. I am almost recovered. This got me thinking. …

What if i order a gig and the buyer gets food poisoning or gets hit by a car, survives car hitting?

What if sellers mother dies?

Some sellers I repeatedly order gigs from, I am flexible and understandin. …but just curious, are they as the saying s+++ out of luck?

They can’t pause an already ordered gig, but they can request a deadline extension (once per order only).

Would they ask CS or me?

If me, manual approval?

If further input is needed from either a buyer or a seller to complete an order, and either one is not available to provide inputs/feedback to the other, and communication is not established, so making a Dispute through the order’s Resolution Center is the first step. When a dispute is submitted and sent to the buyer or a seller, They will have up to 48 hours to accept or decline. 2 days is an enough time to respond, but if there is no response after that given time so the Mutual Cancellation is offered. Then comes the role of CS. I believe that reasons provided with the dispute(s) are vital in solving an order issues.

That’s what I think.

They can use resolution center and send the reason of extension and the days he/she want to extend, but it is only allowed once per order i think.

@hussienfahmy & @asad1988 You both guys are going off topic here. This is not what the OP (@miroslavglavic) asked.

Read his 2nd comment, I have replied to that.

You should have quoted that thing so other users will not get confused. :grinning::pray:

They’d have to ask you, through the Resolution Center, and you would have to approve it within 48 hours.

Of course, that’s assuming that there wasn’t a natural disaster in their area (so they still have the power and the Internet), and that they are not in a hospital, seriously injured, and without Internet access.