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Can a seller refund an order after it's completed?

I delivered an order a few days ago, the buyer marked it as complete, we both left good feedback, but now there is a problem with the ‘product’ that is neither my fault nor the buyer’s. Is there an EASY way to refund the buyer?

Communication on this order has been very difficult and I’m pretty sure that no matter how I go about trying to correct the situation, it’s going to have a negative affect on my account. Any ideas on how to lessen the damage WITHOUT resorting to wrestling with support for weeks or months?

I am having the same situation. The buyer marked as complete, both gave great feedback, then she messaged me for changes which will require several more hours of work. She is saying the product isn’t complete and that she would like a refund. I would love to go ahead and refund as it’s just not worth the trouble.

If it was a few days ago and the funds haven’t cleared yet, you can still go to Resolution Center and request mutual cancellation.

Thanks catwriter! I’ll give that a try. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! It worked for me. :slight_smile:

Hmm, I cant find a link to the resolution center on that order page. Of course the way stuff gets moved around and renamed every other day, it may be right in front of me!

Can you find a link to the resolution center on another order page?

Top left of the page, on the right side of Activity?

Why would you give them a refund if they have accepted the work you did in the first place? Refunds should only be accepted if the work you did was not accepted by the buyer when you completed the order.

There is risks involved for buyer and sellers, you did the job and it was accepted so thats the end of it.


I had one that I just refunded after 60 days completed. As a business owner, I can decide to refund at anytime. I put in the client message that I would support a mutual cancellation and instructed them to contact customer service. They were able to refund it and the money came out of my available withdrawal balance. I have worked hard to keep no negative feedback after 900 jobs.

Some buyers may be difficult, but you need not complicate matter. Just refund them and move on.

Yes go to resolution center and put it in cancellation and it will automatic refund.