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Can a seller send buyer request in behalf of his / her client?

I am a little bit confused. My buyer has a work that I do not provide he asked to search for the right candidate. But I don’t know does Fiverr rules allow me to do the same? Please, share your experience. Thank You.


Yes If you are looking for a freelancer but you are Seller, No Problem, You can post a buyer-request.

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If the buyer wants work this seller doesn’t do, it’s the buyers responsibility to find it.

This seller isn’t the buyer’s personal assistant. @zaidbaloch it was wrong of your buyer to ask you to do this. You don’t owe him anything, even if it’s related to the project you’re doing for him or her.


Thanks for the clarification. Yes it was related to the project that he gave me.

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Have you done this before?

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Why not just say to the buyer - sorry you don’t offer that service and that he would need to use another seller for that service?

he asked to search for the right candidate

Like has been said, that’s not your job to do. It’s for buyer to do. If you created the buyer request you would have to pay for any services if your buyer wanted one of those through your gig. And if you don’t offer it in your gig it isn’t correct to deliver in it anyway. Let the buyer create the buyer request so that he can order from the one he wants (or let him search for gigs on Fiverr). If you knew of a gig that offered what he wanted and could do it well you could give him the link to it but you don’t need to.


Even if it’s related it’s not your responsibility. So entitled of him to think it is.

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You can offer a service as a middleman, you can find what a buyer needs and deliver to him, you cane be a buyer and a seller too.

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