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Can a seller share his youtube link with buyers?

Just curious, As a seller… can we share our Youtube video links with buyers who ask for previous work portfolios ? ( im an 3D artist )

Im really not sure about this now since the TOS warning came over to me telling me that i have violated something like that. but i have been sharing my work with clients since 2013 and this was the first time i got that TOS warning on this. :\

can we or can we not share youtube links? is it against TOS ?


I think it’s not. I am sharing my portfolio website when buyers want samples. You can contact Fiverr Customer Support and ask them.


They need to add Instagram to that list.
For what reason can flickr and tumblr be allowed but instagram is not ?!?

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Well, they still have blogspot there so I guess they haven’t updated it in a while.

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I always have, without any trouble, as it’s in the list of allowed URLs.

Did you have any contact info in the description, in the channel anywhere at all - a link to an outside website etc.?

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Linking my Instagram account would help me out a lot…

and i dont see dropbox there as well… now im scared to even share a fiverr link within fiverr!