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Can a top buyer with no reviews shown be a scam?

I was contacted by a buyer and was given a small project (to write an article of 1200 words). I did the task, was requested for revision and I provided the revision. After almost 24 hours, I could not get feedback. Buyer is saying it may take 1-2 days for feedback. However, the buyer asked me to do a short sample task for a future project (I declined to continue without completing first order). I am suspicious of this buyer as I have read a lot of posts reporting that the buyer had cancelled their order after delivery stating the work was not as required.
Is there a way to contact support team beforehand to let them know that the order should not be cancelled before hearing from my side?
Also, such profiles with Top buyer batch and no reviews should be trusted or should be tackled carefully?

Has the buyer marked the order as completed? You should ask him/her to do this if you haven’t. If the buyer does not want to, create a custom order with delivery date due after 4 days. This way, the order will automatically get marked as completed before you deliver the second task. You should also know that some buyers are reluctant on dropping a review after order purchase. This buyer could be one of such.

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Thank you for responding. No the order has not been marked as completed. It is mentioned on order page that the order will be marked completed after 3 days.
Buyer is saying he has not reviewed the task yet and it will take him 1-2 days to give me his feedback. Total time for this order was 3 days which will end after almost 20 hours. This is my first experience with any buyer delaying this much so I don’'t know what will be the fate of this order if time expires and he still asks for revision. Or if he doesn’t respond at all and ask the CS team to cancel. How can I handle this situation?

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Okay. Once your order has been marked as completed the buyer will be unable to ask for order cancellation. Even CS won’t be able to help him. The best strategy to avoid this is to create a custom order for the new project and set the delivery time beyond 20 hours. Before delivery is due the first order must have been marked as completed by the buyer or automatically by Fiverr’s algorithm.

If the buyer rejects this suggestion then that could be a red flag that they are up to some hidden agenda.

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He cannot ask for a revision after the order is completed. It is normal that some buyers take longer to provide feedback. It depends on the nature of the task. I think you are worrying about a cancellation way too early.

That being said, I would advise you not to provide the sample task for a future project unless you get paid for it.


Ok thank you so much. For the new project, I told him that I will start after completing the first one. So that’s not a problem. I am just concerned about the first project I have already delivered.
Being a seller, I don’t understand buyers options, so I asked this question that if it is possible a top buyer (what I understand if a buyer frequently purchases services fiverr would rate him as top buyer) can be a scam when there is nothing to show on his profile page?

Ok thanks a alot for your kind advice. Stay blessed

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