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Can an artist live off fiverr

can artist use fiverr as a source of living , is it possible to cover all your expenses when using fiverr as a main source of income

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I did it, so yes. But it depends very much of what you are providing here.

Possible, maybe. Wise, no.

You research your market and competition and value and THEN ask this question of yourself. The answer is wholly dependent on individual factors. As you haven’t recognized this, you are ill equipped to attempt such a risk.


I am confused. :confused:

You joined Fiverr just this month, you have no gigs and thus no orders. So, how can you give the OP such advice? :thinking:


actually this is just an account I created in order to be able to contact CS, since my main account was disabled due to something I opened a case, you can find my story on this forum.

It’s against Fiverr TOS to create more than one account. Be careful, or you’ll lose your main one, too.


there is no other way to be able to contact CS to present your case. Nevertheless, this is my only account in this moment.

No, they have an email. I’ve seen it floating around the forum before. I’d search it and see. I’m just not sure the right way to get them to restore your account is to break TOS.

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all I could find is this

Now, let;s get back to topic pls.

Don’t do it. When I started freelancing, I knew it would be hard to start making a living. In this case, I did so with $20K in savings, moved to a cheaper county, and went through weeks where I only made $20.

There is no magic switch you can flip to go from your life now to being a successful freelancer. You need to do lots of careful financial planning, put a strategy in place to grow your career, and find a way to make what you want happen.

If you expect to suddenly start making a full-time living being an artist on Fiverr, I’m afraid it simply won’t happen.


Go search the forum, I meant.

thanks for the advice …well for the time being I’m living with my family …so fiverr for me now is more like a part time job than a real one .But I want to know if there is a possibility to turn it to a full time job and live off it …because I am really interested in freelance job

thanks for advice …so the core of it is to be up to the competition and the challenges that fiverr presents

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Hi Vicky, they restored my account, so this is me, the guy who was giving that advice :slight_smile: Have a great weekend.

No. You’ll be cycled around in their algorithm. There are so many sellers on this site you might get 1 day of fame/orders. It’s best to have another FT job.


Like everyone has been saying, it depends on you and what you’re offering. You really need more than one source of income when it comes to freelancing as there are dry spells that surface; be it seasonal or out of the blue. I started out doing odd jobs online and babysitting.

Also, you can’t just focus on the competition. You have to be on top of everything revolving around what you do. This includes the latest changes in the industry you’re going into and being open to different mediums of expression.

While it’s possible for some to make freelancing a full time job, it’s not possible for everyone. Have something on the side that generates consistent income in addition to what you do on fiverr.

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