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Can an order be marked as "Late" if a request is opened?

All right so I’m gonna try to explain this very simple:

I received an order for “Discord Server Customization” and I contacted the buyer to ask him to give me the right permissions so I can access/configure his server and do my job, but he didn’t respond and I was not able to do anything since I didn’t have the right permissions. I didn’t have anything to deliver, and I also couldn’t leave the order get marked as late so I went to the resolution center to extend the delivery time but, since it must be accepted by the buyer - which is not responding, the request is just opened and I noticed that the delivery time is ticking. I cannot find any words to describe how confused I am about that. Because there is literally no real option, I cannot deliver because I was not done with the job, and the delivery time couldn’t be extended, the result is “late”. What’s the right choice? And will an order be marked as late if a request is opened?

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I would contact customer service outside of the resolution center and let them know of the issue.

Yes, It will be marked late if buyer does not accept within time.

I would also suggest that you utilize the “Requirements” page of your Gigs to make sure that your buyers give you the information needed to begin the work.

If you had had the Requirements portion of that Gig filled out - the order would have NOT started until the person gave you what you needed.

Whatever you do, do NOT deliver an empty order to this buyer to avoid being late - if you think this buyer is going to not come back and give you the info, you could contact customer service and explain to them your issue and perhaps they can either nudge the buyer for you or can cancel the order so your stats do not take a hit.


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