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Can any body guide me?


Can anybody guide me now a days how create a new gig and fiverr also approve it . Fiverr Denied my all my old and new gigs !! Help me Please! Thanks abc|690x322


What is your gig? Can you post your gig description that was denied?

The Seller Help Center has the best information on getting started.

#3 here is my link of denied gigs !!

Also i send a screen shot of my denied gigs .


Its all my original logos and also my original description ! Do not know why fiverr denied my all gigs .First they approve my all gigs and next day they denied my gigs and warned also


Hi , sorry to hear that , what they have warned you ?


You gig type doesn’t seem to be a problem. There is something in your gig description, logos, etc, that is violating the terms of services. I am not able to see what your gig description and your intro video included.


Now the account seems to be gone, too?


Yea it’s gone, we will never know what happened.