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Can any body help me why did not i get any order yet



Hi @arroma,

How are you? In this case i can give you some ideas. If my ideas help you so i will be happy.

The possibility of getting order at Fiverr always keep mind that, We have 3 source to get maximum order.

1, If your gig is rank on 1st page, so when buyer search related keyword he will find you and request you for custom offer.

  1. Each seller get 10 offer everyday.If you send 10 offer daily so i think this is a chance to get order.

3.You have to share your gig in social media (need to know SMM) so buyer can find you and place order.

Those above are most effective ways.


  1. When you create a gig do not copy others services and make it unique.

  2. Must your title will be relevant keywords included.

  3. must write a good description using related keywords and that need to attractive to buyer, why they choose you.

  4. Add Gigs photos unique and 100% attractive so buyer just open this gig buy or not.But don’t use any unrelated photos.

  5. You can add a video about your services (optional).

  6. When share in social media must use keyword with # tag.

7.Make some social media account and boost theme worldwide.

you can use some automation website for social schedule posting as like buffer.

I think if you continue 7 days above task you will get order i pray for you.



And yes you have only 2 gigs Fiverr recommenced for no level seller 7 gigs so you will get 10 offer daily otherwise you can get or not.


Thanks yes i will keep these things in my mind.


You need to get some traffic from outside sources like Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Social media traffic will help boost your social signal and increase your rate of making sales.


You are offering writing gigs yet I see many mistakes in your description.
That is one reason why buyers are not placing orders.
Your thread title says “why did not i get any order” I see a glaring mistake there already.


I agree with @zeus777.

@arroma your English grammar is simply not good enough :frowning:
It doesn’t matter what you do with your portfolio, description and keywords. None of it matters.

I guess you can try writing in your native language. Not sure if there’s a market for it on Fiverr.


I agree about the English grammar. A couple of errors in an entire description is ok (could be unnoticed), but if the entire text is full of those mistakes, customers will run away as soon as they understand you don’t know English language.


Thanks a lot @zeus777.