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Can any developer help me please its urgent

i need t add a cost calculator to wordpress site like

please help me
if there is anyone who can
thank you


Are you asking your competitors to help you to do your job when you were paid for it and they haven’t?


It’s always urgent. How many hours are left till the delivery time expires?

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How much are you paying?

it is a paid task? I will help you

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Homework Help? Homework Writing? Seriously?

thanks @frank_d

Next time I will not do this job
again Sorry!

please log off the forum and log back in so the new pic syncs.

Much appreciated.

ok, Sir @frank_d
please do not report.

no i want a help

there is 10 hours
can you help me

i can pay $20 for this

no this is free
can you help me

can you help me in this

Then look for a seller offering that service for $20 or post a buyer request.


No? Well that’s exactly what “help” is in your situation.

If you want to pay for someone to solve your problem then you can look at existing gigs.

ok i will post a buyer request

ok :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

What’s funny? Seems a bit excessive.