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Can any one help me how to rank gig on search results? i'm new in fiverr


hi, I’m new seller in Fiverr. and want to be a full-time freelancer. I create 6 gigs with WordPress development category. but my gig not showing on Fiverr search results.

can anyone please help me or any suggestions for me how to improve my gig and showing up it on search results.

Thanks in advance.
Dina Pal


be active on fiverr and share your gigs on social media and apply proper seo on your gig

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  1. Use top rated keywords in your tags.
  2. Title of your gig must be included tags.
  3. share your gigs on different platforms.
  4. ask from buyers in buyer request.
  5. make video if you can for your gig.
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Thanks for your advice and i will be try.
but your point 5 . making video for gig. ( Some Top rated and experiences seller also said that. video is not so important for gig ranking. is it true or false in your point of view?


There is a lot of professionals who said “if you use Videos in your gig there is 220% chance to get higher in ranking and get more sells”.
So use it or not, its up to us.

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Depends on your gig, type of video, video content, target audience etc.



yes, I will try to make a professional video for my gig. which type of video is good for conversation rate. in your opinion. whiteboard or person speaking.


please read very carefully



Hi, such amazing Tips for success in Fiverr.
Thanks a lot


welcome :heart: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hi, You can get information form here:)

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