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Can any one help me to promote my gig

I am trying my best , but I GIG is not being shown to huge people, Can anyone help me to promote my GIGs please ? my GIG s are as follows :slight_smile:

Wishing a very good future for all. Thanks.

If you type “how to promote my gig” in the search bar above you will find several posts on the subject.


Thanks a lot for your reply … But several times I have gone through the article, and followed it , but “no buyers request found” , I can’t understand why so complex? Is their any easy way ?

Check this out: Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ's, Times, Issues Etc.) Updated August 2018

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Thanks dear , after checking I will get beck here for your cooperation …

Suggest you do not address others as dear, bro, mate, buddy, etc. as lots of people don’t like it and it will put many buyers off.

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Actually I use “Hi there” for buyer … but here I am sorry …

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