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Can any one help me with this? I'm not Understanding the Requirement

My client wants something but I’m not Understanding the Requirement. Please Someone Help me.
The Requirement image in bellow ---->

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Can’t say anything about it.

@nullscripter Your buyer told you to do an image SEO, Add an image tag in inside the image.


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It’s really simple. You’ll have to do it using HTML. Something like this:Screenshot_2


Thanks a lot Brother <3

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If you don’t understand a requirement, don’t hesitate to ask for more details about the requirement from the buyer. In some cases, I ask for details about the same thing 2-3 times to get 100% understanding.

but in this case my client not saying specifically he just saying this thing again and again

Yeah, some buyers are really bad at explaining their requirement. you must be keen to moderate them and to get what you want out of them even if they’re saying the same thing. That’s a skill you might need to consider developing in yourself. in a long run, that’ll be very beneficial for you.

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yea brother… I’m doing it