Can any one suggest me how to do that?


I am active at fiverr from at least a month but not getting any order.


Well, what are you DOING to EARN your orders? Or are you just sitting back hoping and waiting for your target customers to miraculously find you, place orders, and make you rich?


Hi, just share a little of my own experience . Usually I got order nearly every days , and every time I try my best to work for each order ,so BUYERS will Continue back to me when they need my work again. When I have a free time I always spend my time to think of how to make my gig looks more interesting for buyer ,and i will work on it too. So I won’t really worry about my sales, because there are so many way we can do to improve our sales .any way ,wish you good luck .:slight_smile:

By the way ,Im dancer Lily, maybe one day you need my work too ,haha ~ :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


By the way, this might sound super funny / super extraordinary, but 12-13 of my orders, 100% of them, I got by just sitting back and not hoping. I made my registration as a joke. And suddenly boom, I have work to do. Weird, I guess… Life sometimes brings us a lot of wutt??'s and huhh??'s.


Create a great gig with good details. Share gig in social media. Important things send Buyer Request everyday.


You clearly have some abilities which is a big plus.